About me and the blog

I am a Catalan, Spanish and soon to be Kiwi, leaving in New Zealand with my daughter and American husband. My professional background is in science, conservation genetics in particular, but I have been a stay-at-home mom for a while, and I am currently exploring different avenues to evolve in my professional and personal lives.

In 2013 I created this blog to share my opinions and thoughts about motherhood, often somewhat far from mainstream ideas. I started thinking about motherhood and what I’d do if I became a mother during my teen years, reading articles in alternative magazines that my parents used to buy. I have always thought that instinct and motherhood are deeply intertwined and after training as a scientist I was really curious about understanding the biological reasons why our maternal instinct is what it is and the effects on children of our patenting styles.

As a mother of a 1-year-old girl I found it difficult to keep working on the blog and it was completely abandoned until the beginning of 2018. When I started, my plan was to share my ideas but also have a strong input of scientific findings about parenting and what children need. I still enjoy reading reasearch-based parenting books and listening to what scientist say, but I have decided to use the blog to mainly share my own inner thoughts and dilemmas, not only about motherhood but about life in general.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts and please leave comments and share your thoughts too!